Why do you need a Toto Washlet or Neorest?

You probably wouldn’t have thought that your bathroom can be upgraded for ease of use and hygiene. But, you can. Toto manufactures special washlets that are unlike anything else in this world. This bathroom product can literally change your life!


Toto produces washlets of many types. These are basically toilet seats that have a bidet wand and heated seat. You can install a washlet on your existing toilet to have the additional benefits of a Toto washlet. You don’t have to worry about the shape or size of your toilet because these washlets are made for all types and sizes of toilets. Round, as well as elongated toilets, can accommodate these additional pieces. The washlet will fix on top to provide all the amazing features.

The reason why these washlets are such a highly recommended product is due to their innovative and highly useful features. They are practical and luxurious. The basic feature in all washlets is to clean with the bidet wand. The bidet spray feature cleans automatically. It is actually a more efficient approach than wiping with toilet paper.

More recent models of the washlets come with sensors. Every time the toilet is used, these sensors will automatically start the deodorizing process. The concept of spraying may sound intimidating to some people due to the risk of splash back. However, you must not worry about things like these at all. The washlets are designed with extreme caution. The design and structure has actually been finalized after conducting research on multiple males and females. There will be no splash back whatsoever because the sprays are angled in the perfect way.


As previously mentioned, there are a number of types of washlets manufactured by Toto. Each one has a different design or feature. Neorest is one of such models that are among the most luxurious options. Other than the basic features, you will find a lot more than you would have ever thought necessary. Neorest will become a part of your wish list after hearing the details.

It comes with a deodorizer. After the toilet has been used, a deodorant will automatically be sprayed so that the bathroom always smells clean. Moreover, a built-in air purifier keeps the surroundings clean and free of germs. You will also get a heated seat option in any of the models. It can be a nightmare having to use the toilet during winters. This heated seat will keep you comfortable even when in your bathroom!

Levels of luxury are redefined with Toto’s washlets. One of the premium features includes an automatic open and close facility. The toilet seat will close on its own after every use. Any arguments that used to arise from leaving the seat up will not be a problem anymore!

Toto Washlets and Neorests range from $499 and can go as high as $12,000. Choose one that fits your budget and live a truly posh life! 

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