The Current State of Bathroom Design

The Current State of Bathroom Design

Bathroom design has climbed numerous notches in the past decade. Today, successful design on creating a personal oasis that provides an escape from the outside world. It is a space that you call your own, devoid of texts and tweets, and a space that enables you to literally wash away the stresses of the day.

Homeowners, builders and designers want baths that provide a refuge and a place to relax. Many of our clients are inspired by their travels. They stay at hotels, resorts and spas that spark their imagination and ask themselves, “why can’t we create a similar place of wellness in our home”? Well, you can! There’s no reason why you can’t include a jetted, soaking, air or combination tub, steam showers, showers with multiple spray heads, music, aroma and color therapies and Bluetooth capabilities in a new bath.

Designing a master bath provides you with an opportunity to improve the quality of your’s and your family’s lives, while simultaneously making a unique design statement. There are health and wellness benefits to consider alongside practical considerations. If you are building a new master bath, the finished product should be easy to use, provide practical value and make you feel like a million bucks every time you cross the threshold.

Bathrooms can include traditional furniture pieces such as sofas, comfy chairs, benches and other pieces that extend the living area into the bath. Wood tones add warmth and serve to contrast the white ceramic and acrylic surfaces of tubs, basins and water closets. With this transformation, the standard white vanity has given way to elegant and expertly crafted furniture pieces that create the look and feel of stress-free luxury. Many of our clients don’t want to fill their bath with built-in cabinets and countertops. Instead they opt for freestanding étagères, cabinets, armoires, wall-hung vanities, seating areas and storage pieces.

Function is another critical factor. A beautiful bathroom is an organized bathroom. We understand that your days are hectic. You don’t have time to search for your favorite tube of lipstick or wait to heat up the curling iron. That’s why we specify bath furniture with storage solutions and convenience features that include interior adjustable shelving, pullout trays, interior lighting, hairdryer/curling iron holders, interior electric receptacles, USB port charging stations and drawer dividers.

In larger baths, many of our customers enjoy separate spaces with different vanity types, styles and heights to create individual grooming stations. In these circumstances, there are opportunities to distinguish two spaces by installing mirrors, sconces and other types of lighting. A common practice to help separate space in the bath is to use wall mirrors, armoires, étagères, ceiling-hung mirrors or a wall of mirrors.

Combining furniture with fixtures enhances the usability of the space and integrates the new bath with other rooms in the home. If you are interested in discussing a bathroom renovation for your home that will provide years of enjoyment and the opportunity to improve your health and well-being, please give us a call at (313)831-7770 or visit our showroom at 150 Parsons st, Detroit Mi 48201.


Obtain the ROI From Your Bath Remodel That You Expect and Deserve

Obtain the ROI From Your Bath Remodel That You Expect and Deserve

Most homeowners decide to renovate their bathroom because their current bath no longer meets their needs, and life is too short not to live in a space that makes you smile every time you use it. If you are considering a remodel for a bath that is either functionally or aesthetically underwhelming, there are compelling reasons to make a change.

Updated bathrooms increase the value of your home. The kitchen and master bath are the two most important rooms in your house, not only for enjoyment but also for creating value. A renovated bath not only improves your quality of life, but it also increases the resale value of your home and makes your home more attractive and easier to sell.

New technology, advances in product design and showroom expertise exist to help you create the in-home spa of your dreams. Your personal retreat may include a steam shower with music, light and aroma therapies. Perhaps you’d like heated floors and towel warmers that help you and your family stay warm and toasty following a bath or shower. A free-standing tub is a sculptural work of art and could serve as a beautiful focal point of your space. 

If done right, a bath renovation can provide a high return on your investment. Our showroom professionals know the fixtures that withstand the test of time for their appearance, performance and functionality. It’s a win for you to redo a shower and install a high-efficiency showerhead with spray options ranging from a gentle mist to rain forest, complemented by a thermostatic valve that allows you to specify the exact water temperature to wash away the stresses of the day, recharge your batteries and relax tired muscles. These improvements can hold their value for decades.

Increasingly, a large percentage of our clients are opting to stay in their homes longer and upgrade in order to allow themselves and their family members to age in place gracefully and with dignity. Bathroom renovations provide the perfect opportunity to install curbless showers, decorative grab bars, lower countertops and an overall footprint that improves the functionality and flow of the bath now and in the future.

Recent surveys from plumbing manufacturers find that Americans are spending more time in the bath. When you think about it, the bath is the place where you and your family both start and end the day. How much more enjoyable would your mornings and evenings become if you had a vanity mirror that adjusted light levels to help ensure that you look your best regardless of the time of day? 

There are multiple reasons to remodel your bath. If your bathrooms no longer serve your functional, lifestyle or aesthetic needs, give us a call at (313)837-7770 or visit our showroom at 150 Parsons St, Detroit, Michigan 48201.

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself

The initial elation of moving into a new home usually wanes over time. The way we live, entertain and relax undergoes a metamorphosis. We may start families or change careers. Children leave the nest. Hobbies become passions. Aging is a fact of life and change is a constant, but your home might not keep up. Sure, you can redecorate, add a coat of paint, buy new furniture and give cabinets a face lift with new hardware and accessories. Certainly, cosmetic repairs can help create a different feel within the home, but they may not meet new lifestyle needs. That’s when you decide that you have earned that great new bathroom that doubles as an in-home spa. When you take the plunge, you can incorporate new technology and add fabulously inventive products that will bring smiles to the faces of your family and friends every time they cross your threshold. But disrupting the status quo and undertaking a construction project with many unknowns is scary, messy and, at times, unpleasant. No remodeling project goes exactly as planned. We know you have probably heard horror stories from friends or acquaintances who have renovated. They may make the case that it’s not worth the hassle. Most everyone wants the benefits of a well thought out and executed remodel, but many are afraid. The fear of the unknown is powerful and surprises along the way are rarely pleasant. But what happens if you do not take the risk? You are stuck in a place that just doesn’t feel right and doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Why not put together your dream team and tackle this opportunity now and stop making excuses? Everyday our experienced showroom professionals work with talented trade professionals. Our showroom offers the finest fixtures, shower systems, furniture, hardware and cutting-edge lighting products available in the marketplace. But that’s not only what makes our showroom a valued resource for your project. The difference maker is a team of knowledgeable sales professionals that represent the partner you need for your new bathroom project. We understand that remodeling can be a daunting task. We also know the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you want to avoid being the one who looks back later and says “we should have done something”, please visit Advance Plumbing and discuss your dream home with one of our sales professionals. After all, it’s your home we are talking about. 

How Much Does a New Master Bathroom Cost?

How Much Does a New Master Bathroom Cost?

How much is the number one question our clients ask before considering a bathroom remodel.  And our answer is always the same, “It depends.”  For a premium masterbath, the range we provide as a rule of thumb is at a low $35,000 and more than $100,000 at the upper end of the price scale.  Here are the factors that influence costs.

  • Area of the country
  • Size of the bath
  • Shape of the bath
  • Scope of the renovation
  • Quality of materials and finishes selected
  • Cost of labor

Master bathroom renovations in major U.S. cities cost more than in secondary and rural markets simply because the cost of doing business and labor tends to be lower in rural and secondary markets.  What is not included or explained on HGTV, DYI or other home shows on television is the cost of labor.  Renovating a bathroom involves a number of skilled trades that may include carpenters, floor covering installers, plumbers, electricians, wall covering installers, lighting specialists and general contractors among others whose expertise and skill sets can make or break any project.  

Labor is the biggest cost of any bathroom renovation and the bottom line on labor is affected by size and shape of the bath and scope of the project.  Odd shapes and larger baths will generally be more costly than a conventionally sized and shaped baths.  

The scope of the renovation also affects the price. 

  • Will you replace exactly what’s there with new products or do you plan to reconfigure space?
  • Are you moving or adding windows or skylights?
  • Are you removing wall coverings and taking the renovation down to the studs?
  • Do you need to move or relocate in-wall, floor and ceiling plumbing, electrical and ventilation?
  • Will the renovation force you to make unanticipated changes to comply with local codes?
  • Are you interested in creating an in-home spa that offers the ability to wash away the stresses of the day and promote your family’s health and wellbeing? 
  • Will you need a specialist to install shower doors, a steam system, tile, flooring, shower doors or cabinetry?
  • Do you want storage solutions that will make your life easier and your new bath more enjoyable?
  • Will you have to or want to move your existing toilet location?
  • Will special plumbing and electric be needed for the new toilet, bidet, bidet seat, sink, faucets, shower systems, tub systems or storage solutions?
  • Are you interested in outfitting your bath with original designed fixtures?
  • How important is the quality of floor or wall coverings?
  • How “smart” and connected do you want your bath to be?
  • How environmentally efficient do you want your new bath to be?
  • Who plans to use the bath, how often and when?
  • How long do you plan to live in your home?

When you plan your bath renovation, generally there are more questions than answers.  Based on our many years of experience serving the Metro Detroit market, we do know that one surefire way to control costs is to have a well thought out plan that answers most of the questions before a single nail is hammered.  That’s the reason to rely on a professional showroom because professionals who design bathrooms and specify products for them are well positioned to help you answer the questions that will help assure your needs, wants and dreams are met. 

Our showroom professionals design baths every day and know the questions to ask that most homeowners rarely consider.   They know the fulfillment capabilities of manufacturers.  They have unique insights into products that are on trend, timeless or out-of-date.  They most likely have experienced every problem that a renovation can encounter and know how to avoid or mitigate the consequences.  They know how to train installers to avoid problems and have a direct pipeline to manufacturers to ensure on-time delivery at quality levels that you expect and deserve.  A professional showroom consultant can and should be your best friend and an invaluable resource.  

If you would like answers to the most common questions that need to be addressed prior to starting your bathroom renovation, please give us a call at (313)837-7770 or visit our showroom at 150 Parsons st. Detroit, Mi 48201.

Wow! Wow! Wow! New Technology for New Bathrooms

Wow! Wow! Wow!  A High-Tech Bathroom

Technology is pervasive in our lives, providing added convenience and time savings not to mention a healthy dose of wow! At the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the industry’s largest trade show, manufacturers unveiled a bevy of new technology for the bath to bring more functionality and pleasure to homeowners and builders the Metro Detroit area.

At KBIS, we saw LED lighting features incorporated into tubs, mirrors, vanities, sinks and water closets to provide the right levels of light to better match natural biological processes commonly referred to as circadian rhythms. Controlling lighting levels helps prevent the jolt to your system that bright lights can create when you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or early in the morning before the sun comes up. Today’s lighting controls enable homeowners in  Metro Detroit area  to navigate in the bathroom by providing a gentle glow, or program lighting levels to match needs and lifestyles. 

Lighting can be controlled and activated through applications, motion control sensors, voice commands or home assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Home assistance can fill a bathtub, turn on a shower, adjust mirror lighting, start a steam bath, play music or activate other smart devices in your home. One manufacturer has embedded Alexa in a mirror so that homeowners can utilize all of Alexa’s functionality while preparing for the day ahead or a night on the town. 

Customization is another benefit of technological advances for the bath. Homeowners now have the ability to set the water temperature, steam temperature and lighting preferences for every member of their family in the shower. Advances in showerheads enable homeowners to change spray patterns through Bluetooth-enabled devices thereby eliminating the need to change settings physically. It’s a great feature, especially for those who may have a difficult time reaching the showerhead. 

If you thought you had to take a ride on a space ship to float in a gravity-free zone, think again. KBIS featured new, more cost-effective models of tubs that create a zero-gravity environment. Other high-tech tubs on display combined air technology with a waterfall that massages shoulders while you soak, and featured light and aroma therapies that help to wash away the stresses of the day. 

KBIS featured water closets that are self-cleaning and deodorizing and an expansion of bidet seats and functionality. Alexa has also been integrated into one toilet model, which enables customers to check the weather, order a driver service or listen to music while on the John. 

If you are interested in incorporating technologically advanced products into your new bathroom that make your life easier, more enjoyable and fun, please give us a call at (313)669-7474 or visit our showroom at 150 Parson st. Detroit Mi. 48201

Learn about our staff: Josh Moss

Joshua’s showroom won DPHA’s Showroom of the Year award in 2018. This is a National honor and the first of its kind for a showroom in Michigan. His efforts have also been recognized by Design Core Detroit who honored his work with the City of Detroit’s first ever Commerce Design award.  This award recognizes the impact of commercial design projects throughout the community where the business resides.

His efforts have also allowed this company to be nominated for the Michigan 50 companies to watch in 2019.

Joshua was recently awarded the 36 under 36 class of 2018 for his impact on the community and helping make Metro Detroit an amazing place to live, work, play and be a part of the community.

With its 90-year legacy, a massive historic preservation project, and the first plumbing and lighting fixture showroom in Detroit’s history, it’s impossible not to be surprised and impressed by Advanced Plumbing. Designers D MET Studio restored and combined multiple commercial spaces seamlessly to display plumbing and lighting fixtures in a setting that retains its historic charm while still feeling modern. The space was designed to be experiential and many of the fixtures are functional – even the bathtubs!
Josh Graduated From Michigan state University in 2014 with a degree in Political Science.
Josh is also holds certifications in: customer shower from Hansgrohe, hydrotherapy from Jason International, steam therapy from Mr Steam, & a certification from Legend Valve University.

Press About Advance Plumbing

Advance Plumbing and Heating Supply Carries On 99-Year Family Legacy
Published March 4, 2019 by Susan Peck
The four-generation Advance Plumbing and Heating Supply Company has been setting home remodeling trends and earning awards since 1920.
By Susan Peck

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2018 Year In Review

As we enter our 99th year, we realize this milestone was made possible by the support of clients, friends, and associates like you. We offer our thanks and wish you much peace and great joy during this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

We opened Detroit’s first Decorative Plumbing showroom

We hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate our grand opening of our new showroom in Midtown Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan joined us to commemorate Detroit’s first ever decorative plumbing showroom. The 5,000 square foot showroom is located at 3740 Cass Avenue and features a newly renovated historical façade that dates back to 1918. 

We won a UNESCO Detroit Design Center Award

With its 90-year legacy, a massive historic preservation project, and the first plumbing and lighting fixture showroom in Detroit’s history, it’s impossible not to be surprised and impressed by Advance Plumbing. Designers D MET Studio restored and combined multiple commercial spaces seamlessly to display plumbing and lighting fixtures in a setting that retains its historic charm while still feeling modern. The space was designed to be experiential and many of the fixtures are functional – even the bathtubs!

We won The Peoples Choice UNESCO Detroit Design Center Award

We won the DPHA Showroom of the Year Award

We are the first showroom in Michigan to win the prestigious award.